Why should we be surprised at the sudden landing of the Venezuelan cargo jet with several Iranian crew members? Let’s remember a couple of recent events, in keeping with this issue, that might shed a bit of light. President Fernández told Putin during a friendly meeting last February:  «We have to see how Argentina becomes a gateway to enter Latin America for Russia in a more determined way». Furthermore, Fernández promised Nicolás Maduro  he would be the voice of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua at Los Angeles Summit.  

The one and only clear plan of this administration seems to be to isolate us from the democratic world, and associate us with the most despicable leaders. It’s impossible not to link the «ghost plane» episode with three tragedies. The 1992 bombing attack on Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires; the 1994 AMIA bombing, and the mysterious death of Alberto Nisman, the Argentine lawyer specialized in international terrorism. Once bitten, twice shy, or- as we say in Argentina: “El que se quema con leche, ve una vaca y llora”. 

Buenos Aires Times (Diario Perfil) June 18, 2022