Every December in La Plata, the city which has adopted me since my College years, there’s a moving and noisy ritual: Newly graduates are driven in the open trunks of cars or vans, followed by dozens of vehicles with friends, relatives, classmates, honking  and cheering loudly behind. These youngsters have just become lawyers, architects, engineers, professors, psychologists, accountants, biochemists, biologists, you name it, and are taken for a drive around the city like champions., like true winners. I’ve got mixed feelings whenever I witness this cute «show». On the one hand, a sense of pride and admiration at their effort, their long and hard years of study. On the other, I’m afraid that most of them will find it hard to get a job, and perhaps will be forced to leave the country and go abroad in search of better opportunities. A pity, a real shame that so much talent, so much knowhow, is being lost due to lousy political administrations that deprive us of our future as a nation.  Anyway, hats off, guys! Congrats! Education is and has always been the key. No doubt.