Honestly, I’m not a football/soccer fan. Nevertheless, I can understand that millions of people all over the world are. I feel that it has stopped being a sport to become mere business. The amount of money many players get is really obscene, if we compare it to the salary of a teacher, a physician, a researcher, a nurse. Anyway, how can one possibly deny Diego Maradona’s gift that turned him into one of the best footballers of all times. It’s a pity that his messy private life has somehow overshadowed his inborn talent. And now that he is dead, his inheritance has become a sort of soap opera, with so many recognized and still unknown children claiming it. I guess such fame must have been a heavy burden, a curse rather than a blessing.  Maradona died all alone, depressed (they say), unable to make amends with several close ones, and –to top it all- his public wake was unbelievably chaotic. A very sad ending. His story deserved a better one