A short while ago, Sting said that his six children won’t inherit his 180 million euro fortune. Why not? Well, he wants them to work hard, as he did. ‘I wouldn’t want to rob them of the pleasure and satisfaction of making it on their own”, he stated. Not a bad idea after all.  In Argentina you can’t do that. I mean, if you have a spouse or children, there’s no choice: they are your rightful heirs. Or your nephews and nieces, if there are no partners, sons or daughters.  No matter how deeply you love your pet, it/he/she has no chance of getting a single penny. It’s rather unfair, isn´t it? Sometimes, your closest relatives might not deserve getting for free what you’ve worked hard to harvest.  The proverb goes: “When there’s a will there’s a way”. If you allow me the pun: not when “will” stands for “testament”, though.