I once read somewhere: “When the outlook is bad, try looking up”. Actually, our planet’s outlook is pretty lousy nowadays. There’s a war in Europe (though we seldom talk about it); there’s hunger, poverty, crime, violence, inequality, crises everywhere. Plus natural disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, threatening viruses spreading pandemics. You name it. And in the midst of this chaos, we learn that: “NASA reveals Webb telescope’s new images of stars, galaxies and an exoplanet”. Wow! Maybe it’s high time we looked up a bit and realized we are not that important after all. The new cosmic images are simply mind-blowing. The unfathomable mysteries of the universe are being unveiled, taking us back to the Big Bang itself. For the very first time in history, we are able to see galaxies and star clusters that were invisible to the human eye so far. What a show, guys! Much more interesting and entertaining than our petty 21st century humanity. 

Buenos Aires Times, July 16, 2022