“Please, dream with me! Don’t leave me alone! We are going to change the world”. Who said this? You’ve guessed right: Alberto Fernández, our President. Maybe he hasn’t realized yet that we, Argentinians, are having a nightmare, not a sweet dream. Poverty, inflation, crime, narco violence, our youth fleeing, power cuts, anarchy, chaos. Fernández hasn’t been able to improve anything at all in Argentina, but he’s willing to change the world? Come on! I’d rather ask him to wake up instead and stop dreaming. This is not Disneyland, Mr President. We’re falling off the map while you are daydreaming. You’ve got a little time left, in spite of your wishful thinking (“We’re going to win the next general elections”, he said), so try to make the most of it.  

Buenos Aires Times, March 11, 2023