by Irene Bianchi

Every time there’s an Award Ceremony, call it “Martín Fierro”, “Premios ACE”, “Premios Tato”, we’re all expectant and far more interested in what the actors, reporters or journalists are going to say, than in who won or what they were wearing. The appointed stage (the Colón Theatre’s lately) has turned into a local version of Hyde Park’s “Speaker’s Corner”, where each one speaks his mind and heart out, in favour or against the present government, and also in favour or against the rest of the supporters or opponents, who happen to be colleagues of the winner’s, sitting right there and pulling faces at the camera (either clapping frantically, frowning in disapproval, yawning in pretended boredom, smiling sarcastically, etc). Obviously, the seed of confrontation, division and antagonism, in my opinion deliberately planted and watered throughout the so called “década ganada” in the midst of our society, is bearing its fruits. “Divide et impera”, “Divide and conquer”, someone once wisely said. They’ve done pretty well in that area, I must admit. One of the few “achievements” of the K Dinasty