Who’s to blame for Úrsula Bahillo’s femicide  (19), in Rojas, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina?  Just her killer, Matías Ezequiel Martínez? Not really. There are many accomplices, many other people involved. All those who never took her warnings seriously. She had reported  his violent behavior countless times.  He even had a restricting order. Nobody seemed to care, nobody paid enough attention, nobody listened to her desperate cries for help. Judges, prosecutors, police officers: they should all account for their negligence. Now, Úrsula is dead. It’s too late. Minister Sergio Berni visited the girl’s family and offered his sympathy. What for? Useless. If I had been the girl’s mother, I wouldn´t have accepted his condolences. We don’t want pity. We demand Justice.  There is one femicide every 30 hours in Argentina . An epidemic of impunity. And there’s no vaccine for that. 

Irene Bianchi for Buenos Aires Times