As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. Now that Mauricio Macri has announced he won’t run for president in 2023 election, Kirchnerism has lost its dancing partner and must probably feel somewhat bewildered. Up to now, they’ve blamed Macri for all our current ills. Mauricio was the main target, enemy number one. And now what? Or rather, who? Dead dogs don’t bite, do they? CFK and her devotees will have to rewrite their script and look for a new prey to chase and hunt. And they are running out of time, mind you. Mauricio has unexpectedly upset their apple cart, spoiling their well-known strategy. Who’ll be the chosen scapegoat now? Patricia Bullrich? Horacio Rodriguez Larreta? Javier Milei?  José Luis Espert? They’d better invest their energy in picking their best candidates, conspicuously absent so far

Buenos Aires Times, April 1, 2023