Another Argentine union leader in prison. Marcelo Balcedo, head of the SOEME, was arrested in his luxurious Uruguayan mansion, “El Gran Chaparral”, together with his wife. He is accused, among other crimes, of money laundering, a widespread “sport” in this country. What did the police find? Automatic weapons, luxury cars, lots of cash, jewelry, and many other valuable possessions.

In Argentina, most union leaders are wealthy, extremely wealthy, while the workers they are supposed to represent, are poor, extremely poor. Actually, you would think those workers are being robbed rather than taken care of. To make matters worse, these bossy bosses keep their posts forever. In many cases, such as this one, they even inherit them from their own parents, and pass them on to their offspring. Like a monarchy.

Fortunately, these shady characters seem to have lost political and legal protection nowadays, and must start accounting for their illicit enrichment. Twilight of the Gods’ era.