I remember reading at College “The Sound and the Fury”, a novel by Southern writer William Faulkner. Faulkner borrowed his title from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”, when the troubled character says: “Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

Now “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”, by journalist Michael Wolff, has already sold out before coming to light, in spite of Trump’s lawyers’ attempts to shut it down. Why? Because it depicts in detail the weird, borderline personality of the President of the United States. Wolff says to have interviewed over 200 people, most of whom describe Trump as a “spoilt child” and “an idiot”. Actually, you don’t need deep research to reach that conclusion. Trump’s public show off behavior, his mega narcissism, his bad manners, all tend to confirm Wolff’s thesis.

“Time’s up” was Hollywood actresses’ slogan at the Golden Globes 2018 ceremony. These brave women (and men), all dressed in black, have finally come forward and are speaking out against sexual harassment and gender inequality in the TV and film industry.

Likewise, the same slogan might apply to Donald Trump in the near future. “I’m a very stable genius”, he humbly describes himself. Nevertheless, both his stability and his genius are being seriously questioned worldwide.

If I were American, I would certainly vote Oprah Winfrey for President. “Oprah 2020”. She sounds much more sensible and wise than Donald

Published on Buenos Aires Times