Mark Twain once said: “Humor is mankind`s greatest blessings” and I couldn`t agree more. It helps us dedramatize tragic events and makes difficult circumstances more bearable. Moreover, political humor is a powerful satirical weapon against egotistic world leaders who tend to have little or no sense of humor at all. Such as Donald Trump, who has tweeted ferociously again and again, criticizing Alec Baldwin´s “terrible portrayal” of him on “Saturday Night Live”. Personally, I believe Baldwin´s impersonation is absolutely awesome. But maybe the US President doesn´t feel like looking at himself in that true-to-life mirror. He despises that hilarious caricature with all its implications and would probably love to censor it. It wouldn´t surprise us, since he hates the press that dares criticize his personality and his administration. So, he tweets and shouts, temper tantrum fashion.

Published on Buenos Aires Times