Honestly, I’ve never seen or heard anyone as self-centered as CFK. Each and every time she speaks publicly, she focuses on her own personal problems. She did it again at the Grupo Puebla Summit in Buenos Aires (CCK). Her main role: victim of political persecution and “Law Fare” (though she always says “Low Fare”). She also blames the media, of course. She criticizes the current administration as if she didn’t belong to it. She acts as an outsider, forgetting that she was the one who appointed Alberto Fernández as candidate. Both Fernández seem to live on another planet, divorced from the harsh reality we, Argentines, are putting up with. They don’t seem to care about poverty, inflation, narco crime, unemployment, massive youth exodus. Detached, distant, aloof, conspicuously uninvolved and self-absorbed. Both are arrogant, navel-gazing politicians. Toxic leaders.  

Buenos Aires Times, March 25th, 2023