Here we are, having survived X-Mas, rather melted, though, while up in the North –by contrast- people actually freeze.(What have we done to our poor planet, carelessly and consistently sawing the branch on which we’re sitting.) Anyway, we haven’t recovered yet, and next thing: New Year. Again the old same “wh-questions”: Where shall we meet? What shall we eat? Who cooks what? Who shall we invite? Sheer torture. Suggestion: since, ultimately, dates are conventional, couldn’t we set Christmas and New Year far apart? Why not celebrate Christmas in July, just before our Winter holidays. Several pros: 1) It might snow. 2) Even if it doesn´t, it’s cold and we can eat like horses or (live) dinosaurs, with no guilt feelings. 3) We have a couple of weeks off to run away somewhere, so as not to meet unpleasant relatives. Besides, there are less blackouts in Winter. Who can possibly make a cheerful toast in the dark, with no air-conditioning, no fridge, no freezer, no water, sweating like a pig (I wonder: do pigs sweat?)? To be honest, I’m not completely original, ‘cause Venezuela’s President, Nicolás Maduro, also suggested an early Christmas, and moved it up to November, for the sake of his people’s happiness. There’s nothing wrong, then, in moving it a bit further away, splitting it up from New Year, which usually finds us worn out, pennyless and stifling hot. Motion made. Cheers, everybody!