No Secret, Santa 

This has certainly been a memorable Christmas. As unforgettable as this forgettable 2020. If there’s something that the whole world is wishing  for now, is the end of the pandemic that has locked us up for almost a year. If there’s anything that the virus has taught us, is to be grateful for what we have, especially for being healthy. Good health, something we usually take for granted, is our most precious gift. In Argentina, when we make a toast, we say “¡Salud!”, a word that has recovered its intrinsic meaning. So I guess we have all asked Santa openly to bring us the miraculous vaccine that will defeat Covid-19. It won’t be a miracle, I know, but the result of relentless research on the part of all the heroes and heroines, who have been working their heads off to reach this goal. Essential workers: chapeau! 

Irene Bianchi for Buenos Aires Times