We have a saying in Argentina: “El que avisa, no traiciona” (“He who warns is no traitor”/ “Don’t say I didn’t warn you”).

Our brand-new president did warn us as soon as he took office. “There is no alternative to austerity…” “There is no money…” “We know that all is not lost… It will not be easy. One-hundred years of failure cannot be undone in a day, but one day we begin, and today is that day…”

Guys, no use asking Santa to make a Christmas miracle. We’ve got to be patient. Those of us who voted for a change last November should bear and endure these tough times. “No-one said it would be easy,” as the song goes. Although some people think ignorance is bliss, I strongly believe it’s always better to know than to ignore. Milei is not repeating Macri’s mistake. He’s being brutally honest about the inheritance received, the naked truth. Let’s bear in mind Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nor will Argentina be re-built.

Buenos Aires Times, December 14, 2023