Not long ago, we had a big laugh when we learnt that Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro   announced the creation of the “Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness”. In the midst of his country’s 50 % inflation, poverty, food shortage, he stated the new ministry would ”look after our elderly men and women and care for our boy and girls, in the spirit of the most sublime and loved of revolutionary peoples and in the name of moving beyond the capitalist order”. 

Probably inspired by this initiative, President Fernández’ Chief of Staff Juan Manzur launched his “Resilience Undersecretariat”, with the aim of improving Argentines’ self-esteem and lifting our social mood. It didn’t last long, though. His short lived Orwellian plan was so criticized that he felt forced to cancel it right away.  

It seems the only way this administration finds of making us happy is by decree, or by starting a “war against inflation”. They haven’t realized yet that, from the very start, their lack of program, in the widest sense of the word, is the source of all evil and the cause of their utter failuire.

Irene Bianchi