I like comparing our country to a household. The people who live in the same house –parents, children, maybe grandparents, an uncle or an aunt- don’t always see things eye to eye. They don’t agree all the time on all matters. Nevertheless, whenever there’s some sort of danger, call it a flood, a fire, a robbery, they all join efforts to save themselves and their house.

Don’t we, Argentines, share the same house? Why do we waste so much time and energy arguing, fighting, confronting, instead of reaching some kind of agreement?  At times, Macri and his Ministers seem to be at a loss. In my opinion, their worst mistake was not stating clearly and bluntly, from the very start, the state of affairs they had “inherited” from the previous administration. It’s too late now. Untimely.

Now, shouldn´t the other political parties, plus union leaders, plus businessmen, give Macri a hand in these critical circumstances? Or are they praying for his failure? Don’t they realize that “his” failure equals “ours”?

Unless we are all saved, no one will be.

Published on Buenos Aires Times