Some presidential candidates leave much to be desired. For instance, I can’t understand why Sergio Massa promises to improve things if he becomes president, as if he were an outsider and not the current economy minister. Why not now? Is he pulling our leg or what? On the other hand, libertarian Javier Milei shows no self-control in his interviews or when speaking in public. He screams, swears, and uses harsh language. A few days ago, he insulted economist Roberto Cachanosky, treating him like an idiot or someone with low IQ, using the word “mogólico.” Unacceptable. A cruel offence to people with Down syndrome who deserve all our respect, respect that Javier Milei is losing with his violent, inhumane daily outbursts. Hope he’s also losing votes due to his aggressive, ruthless behaviour. Not my type of president.

Buenos Aires Times, Sept 9, 2023

Irene Bianchi,