: “They are Chinese; they all look the same”. Who said this? Believe it or not: our Foreign Minister Diana Mondino, of all people! Did she apologise? Of course not. She made up an unbelievably far- fetched explanation (“What I mean is that there was nobody in uniform”), instead of admitting her slip of the tongue. I wonder why politicians in general lack any self-criticism and are unable to say “Sorry, guys; I shouldn’t have said or done that. My bad”. Is it so hard? Don’t they realize that attitude of theirs makes matters even worse? Mondino is not the only one. Spain’s Transport Minister, Oscar Puente, said Javier Milei had ingested «substances» during his election campaign last year. Meanwhile, Spain’s President’s wife has been accused of corruption. Those who can see the speck in another’s eye should look back at themselves and take the plank out of their own.

Buenos Aires Times, May 11, 2024