Wait a minute! Have I missed something? Is there a new President in Argentina? After a long, Winter nap last Wednesday, I turned on the TV and saw a crowd welcoming and cheering Sergio Massa at the “Museo del Bicentenario”. There were friends, relatives, ministers, union leaders, businessmen, governors, legislators, you name it. More than 500 guests, can you believe it? At first I thought Alberto had resigned, but then I realized Massa was appointed “Super Secretary”, a sort of amateur magician who is supposed to fix this mess. Even Moria was there. I didn’t see the rest of the “Olmedo girls”, though. Honestly, it all smelt like the ninetees, a Menem style party, a real «deja vu». I wonder if they served “pizza and champagne” too. Plus an episode of “The Walking Dead”: big fish we hadn’t seen for a long time turned up at the show (Manzano, Vila, de Narváez, among many others). A strange way of starting a period of “austerity”, as they had promised. Truth to tell, I decided to resume my nap and have my own dreams, instead of watching this real nightmarE-

Buenos Aires Times, Aug 6, 2022