Health Minister Carla Vizzotti stated that all Argentines (mind you: all, she assured) have made mistakes all along this pandemic. How does she know, I wonder. How can she be so certain? Is this her strategy to defend her boss, President Alberto Fernández, regarding the controversy over Fabiola’s birthday party at Quinta de Olivos  during the 2020 quarantine?  Rather weak, I’d say, ‘cause Fernández should be a role model, and his “mistakes” are far more serious than anybody else’s. I’ve noticed that each time kirchnerists  try to justify a wrongdoing, they dig themselves deeper and deeper. Besides, is it really necessary for Vizzotti to fly to Russia so often? It’s not round the corner, is it? Can’t she arrange things in a cheaper way, by Skype, for instance? We are all paying for those tickets and stay there, aren’t we?  What’s more, she didn’t go into quarantine upon her arrival from Moscow. Instead, she gave a Press Conference right away. Rules are unfair if they don’t apply to everyone. Meanwhile, there are still lots of Argentines abroad who are not allowed to come back home.