Sadly enough, due to the pandemic, we can’t go to the theatre or to the movies. However, there’s a free show staged at our National Congress, which is certainly worth watching. I really don’t know what to call it, though. I mean, what genre  their play is. Absurdist? Surreal? Is it a parody? A tall tale? A satire? A dark comedy? A thriller? A “whodunit” detective play?  A farce? A comedy of errors?  Or is it a clear example of theatre of the grotesque? Certainly, something far from a romantic or love piece.  The “actors” and “actresses” at both Chambers are very versatile: they change roles with ease, shifting from villain to hero or heroine at breakneck speed. They know their lines, but can say right the opposite if they are asked to by their stern directors. There are understudies, too, starving for fame.  High treason at its best.  At times, I must say, as part of the audience, that I find it hard to believe their performances. Too stereotyped, phony, fake.   

I know! It has just dawned on me. It’s a circus show!  They should play “Send in the clowns”, by good old Sinatra, at the opening of both Chamber sessions, shouldn’t they? “Circo criollo”.   Sigh …

Published in Buenos Aires Times

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