Buenos Aires Times headline: “An 11-year-old girl died Wednesday after being robbed of her backpack and beaten on the way to school, sparking protests over rising crime and prompting politicians to suspend election campaigning.” I wonder: what prompted the candidates to cancel their final election rallies? Sympathy or sheer shame? Why shame? Simply because many of them are to blame for the unstoppable crime and insecurity we all live in. We are all at the mercy of “motochorros” and never know if we’ll be able to get back home sound and safe at the end of the day.  That’s even worse than not being able to make ends meet. Life’s at stake. Life is worth nothing in Argentina, due to certain ideologies that tend to protect criminals more than victims. Actually, the criminal’s life is worth nothing too. Tomorrow, August 13, we must all go to the polls. Let’s bear this in mind when we choose our ballot. It’s a crucial decision. Our future’s at stake.    

Buenos Aires Times, Aug 12, 2023