Another Labour Day. Come to think of it, it’s appalling to see how deeply this Government has affected the “labour culture” in Argentina. Our parents and grandparents instilled in most of us the firm belief that we had to study and work hard in order to succeed in life. There was no other way, no alternative, no choice. If anyone of us refused to pursue our studies, we had to go out and get a job. As simple as that. The situation has drastically changed nowadays. I don’t mean to say that all the present social programs and welfare subsidies are redundant or unnecessary. But I also have the feeling that this administration has been encouraging –to say it bluntly- the “lazy bum” culture. The “Ni-Ni” generation: youngsters who neither work, nor study, State parasites, who haven’t watched their own parents work either. This tragedy is undoubtedly one of the major challenges the next Government will have to deal with. Among other reasons, because work dignifies a person’s life.