Such a sad piece of news! Such a loss! Robin Williams was one-of-a-kind. A born actor who could make us laugh and cry, who could move us too, in his countless memorable characters. Versatile, spontaneous, free, a master of improvisation, a Jack-of-all trades, who would always come up with a witty, unexpected reply in an interview. And such a good friend, too. When Cristopher Reeve had that tragic accident, Robin stayed by him and supported him till the very end. And what makes Williams’death even harder to cope with is realizing that he was always haunted by inner demons, that prevented him from enjoying life and all the marvellous gifts his acting career had given him. Ironical that someone who could bring such joy to people, was at the same time dealing with these dark shadows that finally pushed him to take such a drastic decision. This reminds me of «Reir llorando», a poem written by Juan de Dios Peza, about British actor David Garrick. Garrick was a comedian who made his audiences roar with laughter but, ironically, suffered from a deep depression. When he went to the doctor, the physician, who didn’t know who he was, advised him to go to the theatre and enjoy Garrick’s performances, to which the patient answered: «I am Garrick. Change my prescription» . I do hope Robin Williams has finally found his long sought peace of mind, and is now cheering up his buddy Cris in Heaven.