Prisons in Argentina are overcrowded. True. Moreover, our prisons haven never proved to be effective ways to deal with criminals. Actually, they don´t rehabilitate anyone. On the contrary, spending time in prison teaches inmates to become “better” criminals. They seem to be crime schools. This is a crucial issue worldwide that should be tackled by experts as soon as this pandemic is over. But the suggested massive house arrest due to coronavirus sounds preposterous.  I can understand the feelings of victims who suddenly learn that the perpetrators of horrendous crimes to them or to their dearest ones, are suddenly granted house arrest so that they won`t catch the disease. Isn´t there any other way? Is it fair? Can´t the State provide protective equipment and supplies, so that they don´t “die in prison”? Besides, electronic monitoring is really scarce. No wonder most people are stunned by this initiative. Hideous shortcut.

Published on Buenos Aires Times