So far, one of the few things the kirchnerite administration has taught us, perhaps its major heritage, is a sort of buddhist attitute towards life. Our only choice nowadays, in a country where we cannot plan anything ahead, not even for the near future, is staying present, being here and now all the time. Just for today, I’ll try to get back home sound and safe. Just for today, I’ll fill (or half fill) the car tank. Just for today I’ll turn on the gas heater. Just for today, I’ll stretch to its utmost my 100 peso bill at the local «chino». Just for today, I’ll take the La Plata-Buenos Aires highway, praying that random pickets will allow me to get to destination in less than 4 hours. Not a minor teaching, this training in psychological resilience: our ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity. After all, we should be grateful, shouldn’t we?