Some pieces of news and some world leaders speak clearly of a rampant involution of the human race. Neo nazis advocating white supremacy, marching in front of the White House in Washington. USA President Trump daily accused of wrongdoings of all sorts and sizes, while he consistently muzzles free speech and mocks and insults anyone who dares criticize him. Pope Francis saying nothing about sexual abuse perpetrated by Catholic priests and bishops in Pennsylvania, on over a thousand children. However, Pope Francis has time to condition certain Argentine Senators so that they would vote against the decriminalization of abortion in my country (in his eyes, cells seem to have more weight than live kids- traumatised for life). Meanwhile, hereabouts, a host of ashamed  businessmen parading at Comodoro Py, buying their freedom in exchange for a little bit of information that will shed some light on  the scandalous corruption of the Kirchnerite Era. As we, Argentines, would put it: “Es lo que hay”.

Published on Buenos Aires Times