When Ricardo Echegaray, head of the AFIP tax bureau, did his best during a press conference to defend his obnoxious luxury trip to Río de Janeiro, I couldn’t help but thinking: this guy’s motto must be “Do as I say, not as I do”, bearing in mind that he himself had encouraged us, common citizens, to spend our holidays in Argentina. And then, seized by a sudden Virginia Woolfian “stream of consciousness” rapture, I started imagining a series of slightly modified proverbs and sayings that this administration is likely to favour. “Better never than late”; “Honesty is the worst policy”; “CFK helps those who help HER”; “Don’t put all our euros in one single vault”, “Non supporters can’t be choosers”; “There’s only one side to every question: ours”; “Barking dogs also bite”; “Crime often pays”; “Make war, not love”; “He who hesitates to agree with us is lost”; “Wealth is better than health”; “Where there’s a will (ours), there’s a way”; “Silence means consent” (so shut up!); “Slow help is all we can offer”; “The sword is mightier than the pen”; “The best things in life are already ours”; “Talk of Moreno, and he’s bound to appear”. And last but not least, Machiavellis’s one, that stays the same: “The end justifies the means”. Just a harmless poetic license.