She’s always there, behind the scenes, backstage, unobtrusively pulling the strings, the real power behind the throne. The mysterious lady, the one who  cleverly and stategically appointed the current President. CFK: the actual CEO of Argentina. Everyone seems to fear her, as if she were a semi goddess, a monarch, the one and only. And now she encourages “political dialogue based on respect”. She, of all people! That’s a laugh! She’s always been reluctant to include and respect other points of view. It’s hard to believe her, let alone trust her. CFK is the untouchable puppeteer, the sphinx whose enigmatic words (and silence) steer the fate of our impoverished nation. A “Prima Donna” who shouldn’t be bothered or contradicted, lest she gets mad. “Cruella de Vil” seems Heidi in comparison. It’s what it is … Sigh.