I had no idea CFK was such a fan or George Orwell. I mean, I know she always watches «Game of Thrones», but honestly didn’t know she’s found in «1984» a source of inspiration. Her brand new «Office of National Thinking», with Philosopher Ricardo Forster as appointed Secretary, is a marvellous orwellian idea. Most of us, Argentinians, are so exhausted and worn out by now, after the «won decade», that we might feel relieved if someone else does the thinking for us. Particularly now, with the World Cup close, which will draw all our attention. In CFK’s favourite medieval epic fantasy, as the season closes, Daenerys is hailed by the freed Yunkish : ¡Mhysa, Mhysa!. Since our President has recently said that she feels she’s the mother of us all, we could likewise cheer: «Mother, Mother, thanks for freeing us from the slavery of thinking!». Amen. They say it’s never too late, but that’s not always the case. All of a sudden, our President is asking for “love” in her (too) frequent public, televised speeches. CFK has become more conciliatory, more sympathetic, apologising for her harsh style and manners. It’s hard to believe her, though. It’s quite obvious that the kirchnerite era is about to finish, and this change of attitude on her part smells fishy and sounds rather opportunistic, Those of us who think her administratios has utterly failed, have been despised, attacked, scolded, disqualified and told off for too long, all along what she calls “the won decade”. So this sudden kindness is far from believable, Mrs President