Health Minister Carla Vizzotti has recently said some obvious things such as:  “What’s happening is a catastrophe”, “We will all have mental health problems”. You don’t say!!! Really??? We hadn’t noticed it. Thanks for warning us! That’s very kind of you. By the way, since we are at it, why haven’t you explained yet why your parents were vaccinated as “Vips”? Something else. Do you agree with Santiago Cafiero regarding the Pfeizer issue?  That saving 60 billion dollars was far more important than saving human lives? So, what’s the priority of this administration? Public health or the economy? By the way, we are not “obsessed” with the Pfizer vaccines, as you’ve said. Not at all. We just want to know what really happened. We have a right to demand a clear explanation.  None of you -public servants- have a right to be upset or angry. We –the people- certainly do.  

Irene Bianchi for Buenos Aires Times