Alberto Fernández led a tribute to Covid-19 victims at the Kirchner Cultural Centre (CCK) last Sunday.  To me,  it all looked like a carefully artificial “mise en scène” staged for the occasion. Usually, such homages are paid once a tragedy such as this pandemic is over, not while we are still in its midst. The relatives of the almost 100.000 people who have died so far were not invited to this ceremony. Most likely our President didn’t want to run the risk of being blamed in public for the lack of vaccines that has caused so many lost deaths. There were some artists who sang, read poetry and performed music: Laura Novoa, Patricia Sosa, Lito Vitale, Susana Moncayo, Nadia Szachniuk, Juan Falú. Most of them (if not all) charged for this. I found this “detail” quite shocking. I mean, this wasn’t meant to be some kind of “show” or concert. We are grieving daily so many fatal victims. I would have expected those artists to perform for free or – in any case-if they were paid, to donate that fee to the strained health system. To put it shortly, I found this “tribute” untimely and demagogic. Another “faux pas” of this blundering, careless, blunt and clumsy administration. «Otro más, y van …»