In the last few weeks, President Milei has shown a truly hostile attitude towards certain journalists. I think it’s a huge mistake, a clear sign of intolerance, of narrow-mindedness, quite the opposite of what liberalism stands for: “willingness to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own; openness to new ideas.” Besides, I would add it’s a sign of weakness, of vulnerability, because if you’re sure of what you are doing, you shouldn’t mind criticism. On the contrary, you can profit from it and take into account other people’s points of view. Furthermore, I’d say Milei’s communication policies, as a whole, leave much to be desired, including his spokesman Manuel Adorni’s performance. Milei should be reminded from time to time that he’s no longer a TV show panellist but the President of Argentina, and should behave as such.

Buenos Aires Times, April 13, 2024