It’s a worldwide relief that Trump hasn’t been reelected as USA President. I know, he’s still in denial. He can’t admit his loss. So used to be a winner, such a show off, always boasting and blowing his own trumpet, how can he possibly come to terms with this defeat? A hard blow for such a guy. Honestly, I don’t fancy him attending Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day. (Somehow, this sounds familiar, and reminds me of CFK’s attitude towards her successor, Mauricio Macri, way back in 2015.) And, to make matters worse, now Donald is about to lose his wife too,  who apparently can’t wait to get divorced. No wonder. It must have been hard to live with him all these years. She never looked cheerful in the pictures, much less in love. Happy ending for Melania and Democrats. As  good old William put it: “All’s well that ends well.”