It’s tough to keep our spirit up in a time like this. But there’s no alternative, is there? Personally, I choose to read this as a chance to leave our comfort zone, change our habits, show our sympathy and realize that there’s no individual escape from this threat. The world has suddenly become a tiny nutshell. We all share the same risks, the same fears. We are witnessing the birth of  a universal brotherhood and sisterhood, due to this issue that links us all, beyond borders, languages, nationalities, ideologies. If we eventually manage to overcome this crisis, in the long run I believe we’ll get wiser, more empathetic, more sensible, more sensitive. This is a challenge that puts us to a hard test. It’s up to us –each one of us- to behave responsibly and join efforts. «All together now», as the song goes. More than ever.  

Published on Buenos Aires Times