When I was my youngest daughter’s age, it was extremely dangerous to go out and protest against the Establishment.  You could be arrested and “disappeared”.  We were scared, terrified, and little did we know about the unbelievable acts of cruelty of last military dictatorship (1976-1983). In sharp contrast, last Wednesday, August 8th, I was thrilled and proud to see hundreds of thousands of young people (Lucía among them) gaining the streets, defying the rain and cold, supporting or opposing the decriminalisation of abortion.  Personally, I´m deeply sorry about its rejection, but I’m sure it’s only a question of time. Sooner or later, mainly thanks to social pressure, that bill will be passed.  Young people in Argentina are not as hypocrite as our senators, masters of double discourse. One female senator was cheeky enough to admit publicly that she hadn´t had time to read the project, but voted against it anyway. I wonder how someone like that can keep her post (and high salary). Neil  Armstrong words (1969) come to mind. Let me paraphrase him: “One small step for some women, one giant leap for womankind.” Just wait and see.

Published on Buenos Aires Times