A few days ago, both Fernández, Alberto and Cristina, made their appearance at “Estadio Único”, in my city, La Plata. They’ve been doing this quite often lately, to make believe that there’s some sort of harmony between them, on the verge of the primary elections (PASO). Once again, Cristina scolded his appointed President publicly, advised him to stay calm, not to get angry or upset, and even interrupted his speech by grabbing his microphone. Unbelievably rude, I’d say. But, once again, he didn’t seem to care. On the contrary, he smiled and said she was right, as always.  I felt embarrassment on behalf of him. It seems he doesn’t mind being told off by her. At a certain moment, he also said he sometimes forgets he’s the President of Argentina, and tries to behave as anybody else., a the man in the street. That’s quite dangerous, because in fact he has lots of responsibilities, duties and obligations, that should never be overlooked or skipped.  After blaming his wife for the so called “Olivos gate”, his image has declined dramatically, and the Vice President’s public attitude towards him only makes matters worse.

Irene Bianchi for Buenos Aires Times