“I’m going to do whatever I have to do so that our people, our society, can reorganise ourselves in a direction for the country that recovers the hope, strength and happiness of our people,” said Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in her first public event after the failed assassination attempt on September 1st. Apparently, the Vice President has a master plan, a magic strategy, a secret scheme up her sleeve. Is she running for president next year? Who knows. She loves playing hide and seek. She remains silent for a couple of months and then reappears theatrically, dressed in white, criticizing this administration as if she belonged to the opposition. “Let’s recover that happiness that we had one time. That happiness that salaries were enough, that happiness of going to work and that happiness that there’s a future for the country”, she added, as a sort of preacher. I wonder, isn’t kirchnerism to blame for that lost happiness, for that lost hope, for the theft of our future? Doesn’t she realize that? Truth to tell, I expected her to be more reasonable, more humble, less self-centered, less autocratic, after being so close to death. But I was wrong. It’s her nature, as the scorpion admitted in the well-known fable. That’s who she has always been and still is.  

Buenos Aires Times, November 12, 2022