Unbelievable.  The last week of September already.  Six months have gone by since the pandemic struck us. Half a year. It still seems unreal, doesn’t it? A story written by Ray Bradbury or a science fiction movie by Steven Spielberg. An endless nightmare, too weird to be true. We are told we’ll have to get used to living with this virus (and eventually some other ones) from now on. We’ve been forced to learn new ways of working, learning, teaching, buying, selling, communicating. We’ve had to leave our comfort zone and reinvent ourselves. A huge challenge. A hard survival test. We’ve realized, among other things, that we don’t need so many clothes, so many shoes, so much make up. We’ve learnt to appreciate the value of having a home, being healthy, and being able to make ends meet. A tragedy we never expected. Mother Nature’s revenge? Who knows? Greta Thunberg is right when she says that we have ignored  the climatic emergency and fostered an environmental catastrophe. A fair retribution on the human species. Our punishment for misbehavior. Hope we learn the lesson well. It might be our last chance.