We’re undoubtedly going through dark times, both at home and elsewhere. We all seem to be worried, upset, frustrated, gloomy, with little hope for a brighter future. Nevertheless, from time to time, something good happens that lifts our mood. Someone with a quixotic spirit decides to take a risk and open 3 new theatres. And this someone is –once again- Carlos Rottemberg, who will launch “Multitabaris Comafi” next Monday.

It’s well known that, in spite of all the crisis we Argentine have suffered for ages, Buenos Aires has always offered an outstandingly rich and varied cultural life, with hundreds of plays on stage every season, and this is partly thanks to producers like Rottemberg who –against all odds- go on investing on this field, for the benefit of us all.

Break a leg, Multitabaris! We wish you lots of box-office hits!

A new theatre: a good omen . All is not lost…

Published on Buenos Aires Times