A “coup d’état”?  Really? That’s how kirchnerists have interpreted the Supreme Court’s decision to limit the national government’s say over educational matters? Unbelievable! In Argentina we do know what a real “coup d’état” is. Have they forgotten already what happened here in 1976? The military takeover that lasted until 1983, and has left deep scars that haven’t healed yet. No freedom, thousands of missing people, censorship of all sorts, threatened Argentines who had to flee overnight to save their lives, non-existing civil rights. A long, dark, scary night before the dawn of a new born democracy. A democracy that we actually  miss now, because Alfonsín’s administration looked like a new beginning with a light future ahead. I remember we all felt exultant, relieved, enthusiastic, hopeful, right the opposite of how many of us feel today, not only because of the pandemic, but also due to the tug-of-war between CABA and the national government, an unnecessary, banal and frivolous waste of energy in these times of hardship.   Please, guys, mind your language. No «coup d’etat» whatsoever. Luckily.