Honestly, no one expected such a miracle! All of a sudden, the pandemic seems to be over. We are told the use of facemasks outdoors is no longer mandatory. We can party again. Social gatherings without a cap on the number of people. Crowds are welcome. No more social distancing. We are allowed to hug and kiss one another with no restrictions. Our borders are re opened (for foreign tourists, mind you, not for Argentines still waiting abroad to come back home). Football fans can go back to stadiums to cheer their teams. We are free again, unlocked at last!  

 All these measures smell fishy, don’t they? I mean, right after the government ‘s defeat at the PASO primaries. I wouldn’t call it a bribe, but … sort of. To top it all, Dr Daniel Gollán speculated that we –the people- wouldn’t have been so shocked at the so called “Olivos Gate”, if we had had a little more money in our pockets.  It’s quite clear that kirchnerists think we can be easily bought. Our votes, our good will, our support, our confidence, our trust: all that can be bought with some cash, a bike, a fridge, a washing machine, a smart TV, you name it. Anything goes. 

Once again, they show their true colors and give themselves away. It’s what it is.  

Irene Bianchi for Buenos Aires Times