Good time to make a wish, isn’t it? Or maybe a couple.  Let’s see … I wish for a country free from kirchnerism; free from union leaders such as Moyano or Baradel; free from feudal Lords such as Gildo Insfran; free from inflation and poverty; a country where all civil servants (even hierarchical ones) are treated at state hospitals and send their kids to state schools; a country where people who retire after working for over 40 years get a decent allowance; a country that doesn’t force young people to search for a better future abroad; a country where you can feel safe, protected, not at the mercy of criminals or drug dealers;  a country with “speedy justice” (quoting Saul Goodman). I know: too good to be true? Never mind. It doesn’t hurt to dream big, does it? It’s always too early to quit. Happy New Year, you all!  

Buenos Aires Times, Dec 31, 2022