by Irene Bianchi

They’ve done it once again. It’s strange thay they should keep on making the same mistake: i.e., not acknowledging frankly that a growing number of Argentine citizens don’t support this administration. A mistake that – among many others- precisely accounts for the massive loss of votes last Sunday, Oct 27th. They celebrated “joyfully” as if they had won. Their body language, though, told a different story. Their hands were clapping frantically, while their faces conuldn’t hide such huge disappointment, such hard blow. Gestures are far more eloquent than words. One of the most oustanding features of the FPV is their lack of self-criticism. Maybe they practise it behind closed doors, but never openly. It’s a pity, because they waste the chance to learn from their mistakes and improve their performance. After all, that’s what life is all about: trial and error. On the other hand, last Sunday “winners” should take into account that the votes they got, are only partly truly theirs, since there has been a clear intention to “punish” the Government. Not a minor detail to bear in mind.