I bet it was just a “mise en scene”. Quite similar to Bolsonaro’s (at this time, I even wonder if the Brazilian guy hired his stabber during his campaign). I mean, after that shameful presidential debate, Trump had all the odds against him. So, he got suddenly infected, was hospitalized, received the best possible care for Covid 19, and  a few hour later, like a Superhero, was discharged and back at the White House, as if nothing had happened. “No big deal, guys”, was his message to the people. “Don’t be scared. Look at me. Fully recovered.” No mask, of course. Unnecessary. Has he infected other people? Yes, of course, but he couldn’t care less.  His childish efforts to arouse pity and sympathy make him even more pathetic. Can anyone actually believe him? Can his supporters be so naïve, so credulous?  He probably thinks his administration is like the TV reality show he did some years ago. He can’t get rid of the character he played at “The Apprentice”. Or maybe that’s his true self. That’s him. The one-million-dollar question is whether the Americans will give him another chance next November. Let’s hope not.

Irene Bianchi para Buenos Aires Times