Better late than never, they say.  And it’s never too late. We, women, seem to have finally woken up from a long slumber. And this time there is no Prince softly kissing Sleeping Beauties awake. Instead, we have woken up on our own, and have helped one another too. We have come out at last, against all odds, and have plucked up enough courage to speak out. We’ve come forward to report sexual harassment, discrimination, income inequality, and abusive situations of all sorts in all sorts of environments, not only in show business. Time’s up.  And it’s high time. No longer afraid, no longer bribed, no longer threatened. Most of us, women, don’t want to be Disney Princesses, but – if anything- warriors, fighters, with equal rights as men. Neither higher nor lower. At the same level, side by side, respecting each other, helping each other, as partners, as co-equipers.  As simple  and fair as that.

Published on Buenos Aires Times