Someone should remind both Fernández (Alberto & Cristina) that silence is golden. Alberto reappeared at a book presentation in Madrid (his new place in the world) with the author Agustín Fontenla. The title of the novel in question is Desconexión, quite suitable for someone like our former president, who was completely disconnected from the country he ruled during four long years. As for Cristina, she has now chosen to play the role of an “expert economist”, and offers unwanted advice to the current president. Obviously, she can’t stand not being in the spotlight. From time to time, she needs to call everybody’s attention, to prove that she’s still alive and kicking. What a nerve! Their lack of self-criticism is appalling. Both criticise Milei and Caputo as if they had nothing to do with the wasteland we have all inherited. I’d advise them to keep quiet.

Buenos Aires Times, February 17, 2024