I´m not a football fan myself. Truth to tell, I don’t feel part of this World Cup frenzy. However, I can understand my countrymen’s excitement and share their joy whenever the Argentine team wins. After all, there are so few ocassions to celebrate nowadays that it’s perfectly understandable. Nevertheless, I’d love this nationalistic feeling to last longer, instead of «freezing» it for 4 years, till the next World Cup. The whole country is now wrapped up in the Argentine flag: houses, buildings, shops, streets, all in blue and white. Friends and families get together, suffer and enjoy together, respecting fixed rituals, as if it were a ceremony, whenever our team plays. In the meantime, prices rise (bus fares,petrol, etc), Vice President Boudou keeps smiling, and CFK keeps supporting him. As long as we don’t lose sight of all this, it’s all right to watch the game and cheer. Bearing in mind that it’s just that: a game.